June 6, 2014

When I think of Copenhagen I think of this canal with its brightly colored buildings and boats lining the sides. Nyhavn (pronounced New-Houn…I think…) is one of those sights that is chockfull of tourists for good reason – it’s simply a gorgeous place to be. We wandered over here on our first day and enjoyed a much needed coffee after the red-eye flight from Newark.


We took some photos and walked up and down the canal noticing that the majority of folks not wining and dining at the dock side restaurants lining the streets were sitting on the edge of the canal with canned beer – a picnic of sorts with awesome scenery. We made mental note and, after touring the surrounding areas, decided to partake with the (seemingly) locals.

We’d heard that Carlsberg and Tuborg were the major two local beers to be had and grabbed a six pack of the latter to start our oh-so-sophisticated beer tasting on the docks. The people watching here is amazing; though once we saw an elderly couple stumbling along the crowded sidewalk (and narrowly avoiding an unintended dip in the canal) we decided to play it safe and start to head back to our apartment.

This was to be our first taste of life at a northern latitude in summer. We thought it was around 8 or so looking at the sky, only to discover that the sun doesn’t set until after nine and it really doesn’t get dark until a little after 10.

We thought it was early

It was much later than we thought…

So much for getting  a long nights rest.

As I look back on our stay in Copenhagen I realize that we returned to Nyhavn three more times. Once after the rain, once for a  random beer, and a final time for sunset viewing. It truly is a beautiful place with a little bit of everything – tourists, sea, and colors-a-plenty.



Kids say the darnedest things.

While Adam and I are wrapping up our travels here in the North, I’m desperately trying to sort through all the different stories I want to tell about our adventures. The fact that I’ve been enjoying myself too much to bother blogging is, well, fantastic. But it sure does leave me in a pickle. I’m bad enough with tenses to begin with – nevermind throwing in how you’re supposed to speak in the present about an event that happened in the past which made me reflect on the future.

I mean, yikes.

So I’ll start at the end with a little story about our stay in Bergen, Norway. I’ll start with the amazing little (haha) house that we’ve rented a room in and our host’s fantastic family of four boys.

Bergen House

On our first day here I was thinking how awesome it would be to live in a house where you rent out rooms to travelers. How many different languages you will hear over time.

On the second day, as the youngest boy is quickly tying his tennis shoes to go out and skateboard with his brothers he looks up at Adam as he’s walking into the back door.

“Are you Daddy’s friend?”

Adam laughs and explains that we are staying here for a few days.

After the littlest one checks in with his dad “Is this your friend, Daddy?” it seems to all check out and he’s content to accept that we are, in fact, staying at his house.

By day three, however, the old saying about house guests comes true.

Adam walks up the three flights of stairs to make some coffee and the littlest one turns away from his morning cartoons to ask, quite earnestly:

“Don’t you have a home?”


How fitting that this is our last day in Bergen and tomorrow, bright and early, we will be going home.



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May 26, 2014

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