Thank you Volcano Eyjafjallajokull…

Well, slight change of plans folks. Due to expected flight cancellations tomorrow night caused by the volcanic ash spewing out of aforementioned volcano we are leaving for London tonight!

Unfortunately this means that we had to severely cut our visit with Dustin and Elisha in D.C. – a grand total of 9 hours were spent within the limits of D.C. Dustin and Elisha, however, were great tour-guides taking us to the awesome Eastern Market, eating a delicious brunch, and a quick walking tour of the Capital Building. Thanks guys! We can’t wait to spend some actual time with you and see more of the city.  

We are now at the Dulles airport waiting on our 10:05 PM departure time. It is still not really setting in that we are actually leaving! Maybe after a Guinness at a genuine English pub it will seem more real…

Oh yea, and as an added bonus to the fun we are dealing with a severe case of “I don’t know why your eyes are red” (actual diagnosis Dr. gave to Mandy a few days ago). Keep an eye out for the DragonLady making appearances in future photos. 🙂

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  1. Wow, what a great pic of the 4 of you…it really does suck that you all couldn’t have had the whole visit in DC…;oh well, who knew the volcano was going to be such an ash hole! Looks like you will simply have to plan a longer visit to DC….they live in such a great place, don’t they?

    Your eyes will soon be shut, then maybe shading towards Pale Aleish!

    Hope the flight is smooth and you all sleep a ton!!

    Love, Me

  2. Hey! I saw this info on the news and thought about you! I hope all is well. I am so excited to get to read all about your trip – PS I posted Thursday’s pics on facebook!

  3. Am enjoying your Blog – and trying to share with others – brings back memories of our trips to London – Your hotel looks very luxurious – Try to go to the Towers – worth it! Continue to enjoy – how could you not!

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