Da Nile

No, we aren’t going to Africa (I wish!). And there hasn’t been a new river discovered in our corner of the planet either. Unfortunately, this is all about me…and my denial over the fact that my time here in Australia is coming to an…end.

Ugh, there. I said it. Or wrote it. Whatever. The point is, I’ve known for a bit that a finite date had been put on my being Adam’s sidekick here in Melbourne. And I have been trying hard to deny what this actually means.

I will be going back to the States. Adam will be staying here.

And here comes another wave of Da Nile…it’s a powerful force, man.

We knew all along that our stay was not permanent, we even prepared for the fact that I would most likely be returning before Adam. You’d think that this would make it easier…alas.

A good thing about Da Nile is I can still pretend I’m here for the long haul, walking down the street, haggling in the market (I know you just sold avocado’s for cheaper two days ago!), giving strangers directions when they look lost (how Aussie of me).

A bad thing about Da Nile is I know that this pretense is just covering up the fact that I really am not ready to leave yet.

So, here’s  my owning up to what I’ve been struggling to push under the rug…I’ll be stateside in slightly over a month.

Here’s to upcoming blog posts full of nostalgia, picking up my rose colored glasses again and living it up in the land down under…Melbourne, you’ve never looked better!


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  1. This makes me want to cry me a river!

    But think of the possibilites…………….Dori ( good), Central Ave traffic (boo), old friends (good), sirens screaming down the street (boo hiss), your favorite in-laws (jury still out on this one mayb e?), smog hanging low (yuck) , your good and meaningful work Yay), being apart from Adam (boo hiss crappy super bad), Dori (repeat)

    I totally understand your predicament and really do empathize!

    For now, Da Nile is the river to travel on

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