“I’ll Have the Wrap and Crap”

…abbreviated words are hard. Especially at 5:30 AM in an airport.

We headed out to Sydney this morning bright and early eager to start our weekend exploring a new part of Australia. We were also eager to get some brekkie as we were uncertain if it would be served free of charge on the plane.

As mentioned earlier, the Aussies love to abbreviate words – it’s their way of making life a little bit easier. So, through my early morning fog I see myself wanting the Wrap and Cap combo consisting of a breakfast wrap and cappuccino (hence the “cap”). And then, through my early morning fog I hear myself ordering the Wrap and Crap….oops.

Like I said, abbreviated words are hard.

On we went to our gate where we had made it, once again, without any form of ID being checked, jackets and shoes left on at security, and we even tagged and checked our own bags. You can imagine my shock then when I was told at the gate, as I was handing my boarding pass over, that I would have to finish my coffee prior to boarding. Because no hot drinks are allowed.

“Sure come on through to security, nah throw that ID and boarding pass back in your bag, who needs those anyway? Coat, shoes, spare change? Leave it all in your pockets please! Hot coffee!? WHOA WHOA, call TSA, what kind of a circus do you think we’re running here?”

I’m sure that’s a slight exaggeration…but still. Early morning fog + misspoken order + taking away my coffee = not so accurate recollection of events.

Luckily for us a free brekkie was served on the plane – and I got to have my cup of coffee, nice and hot, without any spilled creamer.

We landed in Sydney, collected our bags and purchased a weekend long metro card and made our way into the city. And what a city it is. Our stop was the Circular Quay right smack dab in front of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

How’s that for a welcome wagon?

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