Pancakes on the Rocks

Originally skeptical of a place that served pancakes/crepes for dinner (mainly Mandy, I of course had no problem) we decided to check it out anyway.  We went to the original location in The Rocks as they have apparently grown to include ~5 locations in/around Sydney.  While we had a slightly hard time locating it (access is inside a building rather than directly from the street) we finally found when we saw the long line of people.

Since it was already late and we had been walking for a while we decided to just wait out the line…Good decision.

Now on for the actual review:

Value: 5 / 5

For Australia (and especially Sydney) this place is almost a steal. Yes, an actual entree (I had the Mexican Crepes) is still approximately $15, but we thought the portions were more than fair and left you feeling satisfied.  Basic pancake dishes are an even better deal ringing up at a modest $8-$12. I recommend saving room to split an indulgence pancake dish for dessert as you will be hard pressed to find a dessert at a sit down restaurant in Australia for less than $15 – let alone one of this size that will leave you so full.

Food: 4/5

Reason for a less than perfect score was the fact that Mandy’s dish, the Greek Delight (spinach crepes), left a lot to be desired for.  The primary ingredient, Spinach, was overused and overpowering (we dubbed it the Greek Not-so-Delightful).  The other two dishes we had were both great (previously mentioned Mexican Crepes and the Devils Delight) and I feel like any of the classic pancake dishes would have been enjoyable as well.

Overall: Like It

We would recommend this place to a friend visiting Sydney as long as they understand what they’d be getting.  We also think this would be an exceptional place to visit late-night as they operate 24×7.

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  1. Glad you all are doing this ( wish we were so organized) and I appreciate the quick snapshot view, and they conversational style in which it is written

    Does everyone get a bib, or only Addy?

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