55 Nautical Miles as the Crow Flies

Let’s just say when the pilot said this over the intercom on my way back to Charlotte, I was less than hopeful of his overall skill.

What does that mean anyway?

Apparently it meant we are 45 minutes away from landing. I’m thinking just saying that would’ve been more to the point. But way less flavor…perhaps that’s what he was going for. Needed more flair for that pilot jacket.

So I am back in Charlotte. Adam remains in Melbourne. As I went through the process of readjusting my sleep schedule, work schedule and life in general I couldn’t help but feel as if none of it had happened. I wasn’t really in Australia, that’s crazy! Haven’t I always been here?

Time is strange like that.

Picking up where you left off can be challenging when you feel a little off. But once that ball has started rolling it can feel like a steam roller. Pushing down the past to make you feel more normal in your present.

Philosophizing much anyone?

I have found some things delightful about being back in the States – cheap avocados are the least of it! Mexican food is a top contender. And don’t get me started on the weather. (Which, by the way, has been a Melbourne repeat since I’ve gotten here…where is the Sun oh sunny south?).

Some things have given me a start – for instance, turning down the wrong side of the road (ONCE!) and looking the wrong way while wanting to cross the street (ONCE!).

For the most part, however, it’s been an easy transition and for that I am thankful.

Now I think it’s only 55 Nautical Miles as the Crow Flies until I’m heading back down under to join Adam for the holidays….but let’s try to live in the present until then!



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  1. As much as I know you would rather be back with Mr. Lee, as hard as some of the adjustment(s) have been, we are tickled to have you back here for awhile…………and I know we will share many peppers,, onions, hummus,et al over these next few months AND how good it will be for you head to the Land of Perry to see your family!

    You know crows are amazing………….check this out…look at their intelligence ( maybe the pilot was following one? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crow

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