The many blogs I read more often than not have at least one post relating to the never ending quest to find and maintain a healthy perspective in your life. I, too, believe in the benefits of perspective – it helps keep you sane when you start to fret over how green the grass always seems somewhere other than where you happen to be.

I’ve never really struggled with this concept. I enjoy feeling grateful for where I am; it’s a wonderful feeling. I enjoy feeling like everything I am doing or have done is just the way it was supposed to be and, therefore, could not have been any better.

Up until now, however, I’d never experienced a rainy beach vacation. Cue the need for serious perspective taking.

I know, I know. I can hear the groans, sarcastic remarks and tsks from here. And I’ve been doling out a fair share myself. Weren’t you in Fiji? Haven’t you been in Australia for the past 90+ days? How many others count Fiji as a “long weekend” destination? (aka What The Hell Are You Complaining About?) Like I said, this is a new concept for me – struggling to remember to be grateful and present in the moment, even when those moments aren’t measuring up to some ideal that apparently was hidden even from yourself.

Expectations and Perspective. Lessons to continue learning.

But back to Fiji…

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