Moto GP – Not the Video Game

As many of you can tell, Mandy is the primary voice of our blog and I handle the photos and technology.  With her gone the past 2.5 months, I just realized that while I still did a few interesting things I wrote about it very little (aka not at all).  Since no time is like the present I’ve decided to try and document a few of the more interesting things I’ve done since Mandy left.

Despite growing up in Charlotte and the heart of Nascar country (new location of the Nascar Hall of Fame) I’ve actually never been to a motor sports race of any kind.  I originally thought going to the bike race would be fun for a couple reasons:

  1. Great location –  race was being held on Phillip Island with a track that literally ends at the water
  2. Something new – as previously mentioned I had never been to a race, since Lowes Motor Speedway had proven to be too convenient I figured I should see my first race at a track 10k miles away
  3. Motorcycles are cooler – why watch cars go fast when you can see people go even faster…with no roll cage…and…take turns with their body inches off the ground?
I have to admit, the race (and race track) were amazing.  Even though there was typical south Australian weather (read: rain-sun-rain-sun-rain…) during the day the set up was great.  Seeing the track with a gigantic body of water (can’t remember name) as its back-drop was amazing.  Rather than having to watch one crazy long race were cars drive in circles I got to see several races throughout the day as there is all kinds of ‘divisions’ (no idea what correct term is here, but essentially the races go from small bikes going a measly 100 MPH to mission impossible bikes topping out over 225 mph).  At one point during the warm-up race for the main event one of the drivers lost control and then went down awkwardly.  While he walked off on his own he was scratched from the main race because of an injury to his hand.  Later come to find out that “injury” was the bike crushing and REMOVING his ring finger from his first knuckle up!  And that right there is why you’ll never find me racing motorcycles (amongst other things).


 Towards the end of the afternoon, right before the final race the crowd was treated to an awesome air show as well.  I had no idea this would be occurring and it was a great surprise.  While the bikes were impressive, powerful and loud – the planes were amazing and almost elegant.  The level of team work and precision required to complete some of those stunts is just crazy.  The timing worked out perfectly also as they choose to fly during one of the nicest parts of the day.  All in all it was a great way too spend a Saturday and I left with a much bigger appreciation for how/why people can get into Moto GP or F1 racing (sorry, still don’t get the appeal of Nascar).

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  1. For a guy who doesn’t write much ( not at all) on this site, great job…………what else have you done whilst the boss was back in the states? I am really glad you didn’t blame me for not having ever taken you to a race……………but for the record, I would like to go once ( but to Bristol)….I hear you have to go to really ‘get’ it but then again, I would still prefer a bad horse race to a great car race anytime……

  2. Adam, this is your father-in-law’s dream! Thanks for the informative post and pictures. You also got to witness Marco Simoncelli racing prior to his death the following week in a race in Italy. 🙁

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