Midnight Sun

Being in the southern hemisphere is quite special this time of year. For one, I get a break from the 6 months of Fall/Winter I’ve experienced (score!). And secondly, summer here is no joke. The sun rises at 6:30 and doesn’t set until at least 9:15PM. That’s a lot of daylight. And it does strange things to your brain, especially when you first arrive and are trying to sort out your sleep schedule.

Thankfully sleep was sorted and the fun began, almost instantly, upon my return to Melbourne. We spent time hanging with friends, eating at some of Adam’s new favorite spots, and spending a ton of time outdoors. It’s amazing how outdoorsy a place can be when you have so many hours of daylight to play with. We’ve loved it.

Two blinks later and we leave for New Zealand. Since this was to be our first holiday season away from everyone at home, we decided to spend it somewhere fun (since, you know, Australia is soooo lame). Off to the land of the long white cloud we go…

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