New Zealand Outtakes

A full two weeks were spent on New Zealand’s south island and left us with so many memories. We can honestly say, however, that 2 weeks simply aren’t enough here! The beauty, the amount of activities to do, the people and laid back life style…it’s no wonder most of the folks we ran into were spending up to 3 months exploring here.

Obviously with our delayed postings we did not cover every inch of our Kiwi Adventure so we thought one last NZ post summing things up a bit would be nice…


Driving & Scenery – Scenery almost got it’s own line but we thought that the best way to view all of it is via car, on your own, no strict timeline.

Flat Whites – Sorry Oz, you may have some great coffee, but NZ is a “two-shots-standard” kind of place.

The People – friendly, outgoing, helpful. It’s so nice to feel heard when someone asks you what your plans for a vacation are. And it’s awesome when they are equally excited about the things you thought would seem old hat to a local. Case in point: Bungy Jumping.

Nature – The whole trip we were amazed at how good the Kiwis are at conservation and protecting nature. Every hundred yards or so is another pull off inviting you to take another walk to yet another amazing view point, waterfall, cliff or rock formations. In a world where it seems being a “tourist attraction” means neon lights, fast pace and plenty of food stands, NZ truly stands apart in an kind of way.

Green Lipped Mussels – ‘Nuf said.

Euro-Trash Style – In the 14-24 age demographic this style reigns supreme. Disheveled mullet, mismatched muscle man tank and either a) board shorts or b) skin tight shorts (preferably in neon), sunglasses, shoes optional and vacant expression. It is everywhere. Oh, and if you’re a girl just slash through said tank top, ensure your undergarments are showing through and don’t wash your extra long hair for at least a week. Tres fab!

Travel Ease – Just hop in your car and go! I’m sure this is a bit different in the dead of winter when snow causes some of the roads to be closed, but in December it’s just great!

Glacial Blue – This has to be my all time favorite color now and the one thing that stood out in my mind when imagining what New Zealand would look like (just watch LOTR and note the color of the water when they are canoeing). It’s just like that. Only better.

Blind one-way bridges – always amps up the excitement level!


Lack of time – man do we wish we had a few months to just leisurely explore the rest of the South Island and then head on up to see the North Island…what a great feeling when the only drawback is a lack of time.

What a beauty filled trip all around. Here are some photographic outtakes to finish up the summary…and, well, you know pictures always to a better job…isn’t there a saying about that?

Arthur's Pass from ChristchurchWest Coast Hwy Beach from Franz Josef

The Blue PoolsKea - The Milford Drive

LakeTekapo - Wild FlowersLake Tekapo

Random Tramp - an NZ FernLake Tekapo - Church of the Good Shepard

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