Adam and I made a sort of pact a long time ago – that we would try to take a trip somewhere once per year. This pact has taken us to some incredible places, our 2011 trip, for instance, was Germany, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium and revisiting Paris.


And then Australia happened. Which opened doors for us to visit Fiji, Malaysia, New Zealand and Thailand. All inside of one year.

AustraliaFijiKuala LumpurNew ZealandThailand

You’d think we’d be good on our pact for several years to come.


While we may not be calling it quits on our travel urge, we have gotten our fill of ridiculous time zone differences and wanted to tone down on the jet lag this time around.

Which brings us to our 2012 plans: Buenos Aires and Chile!

South America

What this also means is that the month of May will include Adam’s return home (for good this time!), his brother’s wedding the following weekend, and then two weekends back down in the southern hemisphere eating parrillada, learning to tango and indulging in delicious Chilean and Argentinean wine.

What a whirlwind.

Viva viajar!


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  1. Viva la travel! Fantastic you all are getting to so many wild, cool, interesting and diverse spots! I am always so happy for you two!

    I want video of you all tangoing!

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