Something that Scares You

I’m sure everyone has heard of this saying before: Do something that scares you every day. Adam and I came across that saying while we were in New Zealand. Adam then mentions that it would be a good new year’s resolution.  I jokingly say ‘yes’ and that it’d be the easiest resolution ever since, you know, we were bungy jumping on New Year’s Day.

The Look of Sheer TerrorAdam's Bungy

Why yes, I will be mentioning that time we bungy-jumped every chance I get.

A new opportunity to do something scary arose shortly after I returned to the states – go run in the Cooper River Bridge 10K race.

Cooper River Bridge Run (Photo Credit: Matt Hoffmaster)

And, yes, that is on par with bungy-jumping in my mind.

How ironic that after completing the race I see a sign brandished with the exact same phrase:

Do one thing everyday that scares you.

– Eleanor Roosevelt (apparently)

A sign perhaps? A reminder from the Universe that, technically, I did say “yes” to Adam’s harebrained idea back in December (I thought it didn’t count, you know, different zip codes…)

Maybe it hasn’t been every day that I do something that’s scary…but I’m already up by 2 in the “things I never ever in a million years thought I’d do” book.

And it’s only April…

Here’s to more scariness!


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