Better Together

Gross right? I know. But I’m kind of on cloud 9 now that the dynamic duo is back together and ready to take on a new continent – South America. Currently we are in Miami; Adam is out golfing with his aunt and uncle and I am sitting on a lovely patio contemplating how much better it felt to go through security and board a plane with my partner in crime by my side.

Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to make groaning noises right now – mushiness does that to me too.

We have not had much down time since Adam has returned home (for those counting, he was gone for 11 months and has not been back in the States for two weeks yet…and we are leaving the country again tomorrow). I swear customs is going to stop letting him back in at some point. With all the activity of his homecoming, his brother’s wedding – which, by the way, was an incredible ceremony on top of a mountain – we have not had much time to even think about our trip to the “other” America. We even *gasp* have one night with no accommodation booked.

So we’re going with the flow on this one and, let me tell you, going with the flow together makes all the difference.

I know, I know…

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  1. I agree 1000% with your Mama…………….it’s great to travel with your favorite traveling pal for sure! Pasa un buen tiempo en SA!!! Love, Me

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