My kingdom for a hair straightener

Flights these days can lose their allure pretty quickly…particularly when you’ve traveled a ton…and after you’ve had three take-off and landing combinations within 12 hours. A scientifically proven method, should you find yourself in this dilemma, to up the ante and make flights fun again: Cross over the Andes.

Our flight pattern had consisted of CLT to MIA, MIA to Bogata to Santiago, Santiago to B.A. It was on the last stretch, when we were particularly jaded about the whole process when the most unique inflight pre-recorded message was broadcast over the PA system: Return to your seats and fasten your seat belts, we will be crossing the Andes shortly.

Cue immediate images of ‘Alive’ and a white-knuckle grip.

Thankfully there was no actual need for excitement and we landed in Buenos Aires without a hitch around 11 PM, easily locating a cab and our respective apartment.

The past two days in Buenos Aires have gone by in a blur. A blur full of glaring disparities, wonderful people, food and walking. Oh lord the walking we have done. When guidebooks called Buenos Aires a walking city I took it to heart…and dragged Adam right along with me. Until today, despite the abundance of cheap taxis, we I insisted upon using our own power – both physical, but mostly mental – to get us from here to everywhere. I have literally walked holes in my one pair of socks (admittedly not my finest packing decision) and old angel feet now has a constant companion in my own tired and achy toes. (Adam is insisting that I change his name to “Tough Feet Mcgee” having survived my bootcamp walking tour of Buenos Aires).

The fruits of our labor were numerous: monuments, parks, bridges and the ever present, just under the surface grit and grime of a sprawling city. Just how much grit and grime are we talking about here? Well, by comparison, Paris is a prototype for hygiene. There are, apparently, no laws about picking up after your dog and trash day seems to be perpetually “tomorrow”, causing a fair amount of garbage to collect on most corners. Despite this, the city maintains a certain cache in some neighborhoods and, once we truly discovered which where which, made it easy to avoid some of the less savory sights BA has to offer.

Side note: Cleanliness aside, safety has not been an issue in the slightest. As our apartment owner Jory said “BA is very safe, it’s not like Mexico” (no offense…) 

Oh. The title. So, it’s been overcast and drizzly with about 80% humidity for our entire stay. And when you have hair as thick as mine with nothing but shampoo and a hair dryer…well…let’s just say things get frizzy fast.

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