Sin vs Con…The Battle Continues

There is a phenomenon found outside of the United States (though I fear it has started to infiltrate our shores as well) known as fizzy water. You find this strange drink stored right next to the far superior normal water in markets, drug stores and even in restaurants. The way you can tell the difference, thus avoiding the unpleasant experience of assuming you have a nice normal drink in your hand versus a fizzing non-thirst-quenching demon depends on which country you are in.

In Italy, for instance, the fizzy waters are in pink capped bottles and say “frizzante”. Simple enough. Yet somehow, without fail and always at the peak moment of thirst, our brains would mix things up. Imagine a hot sunny day, you’ve been walking for hours, you finally get a bottle of nice refreshing water from a vendor, open it up and take a long swig only to discover that you’ve been tricked. Instead of cool normal water you get a mouthful of carbonated grossness.

This has led to some epic sidewalk meltdowns when yours truly, in dire need of refreshment, finds that she’s been tricked once again by the evil carbonation gods.

You’d think that eventually this would no longer be a problem and I would simply double and triple check the water labels.

Come on.

Here I am in Argentina, with another epic battle going to the fizzy water side…only here it’s called “Con Gas”. Classy eh? I think the count is probably 2-5 Mandy vs. Fizzy water.

The battle continues…


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  1. Funny story and love the picture! I got “fizzy water” at a soda fountain in Long John Silver’s in OK. It was awful! I poured it out — there’s something about fizzy water that is just gross!
    Love, Mom

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