A Milestone Only Slightly Missed

Happy 101th post to MandyandAdam.com!!!!

Just had the realization that our little blog had it’s 100th post…yesterday. Oops. But it’s never too late to celebrate or acknowledge something cool! And what better way to do so than by using our 101st post to celebrate our 100th?

I’ll admit, I have no idea if the correct superscript for the number 101 is “th” or “st”…the only thing that makes sense in my head is 101 Dalmatians…but that can’t be right either…

Looking back we have been to some pretty incredible places – some of which we haven’t gotten around to blogging about yet.

Sigh. We know, we know.

Don't worry, we had beignets to celebrate

So, in keeping with that theme here’s to our blog’s 100th post milestone…only a little late!


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  1. I like reading about you and your travels – great thing to have when you get older and can re-read them…because it’s amazing how much you can forget the special details..Happy 101st 🙂

  2. It is fantastic and I am so happy for you two adventurers! Keep on truckin! You have done a great job of recording oh so much—-both big picture and little ( literally and the wordsmith variety) Who’d have thunk it, huh? Happy Dalmatian Day!

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