Being a Rolling Stone

Well folks, I’m off again. The twists this time?

My favorite travel partner is being replaced with my favorite sister.

Favorite Seesters

They’re letting us fly together? *Insert Evil Laugh*

I will be entering and landing on Canadian soil for the first time ever.

To jump start the Canada jokes: even though I booked directly through Air Canada, when I attempted to check-in the drop down menu for “city origin” did not have Charlotte-Douglas…because I guess I’m NOT flying out of my home city…it’s a secret. 

And I’ll be overseas with my immediate family for the first time. Lots of firsts, and only one second: the destination.

We are off to London to meet up with my parents who have been working hard at the Farnborough airshow and will be due some fun sight-seeing times once we arrive!

So, London round two, here goes it!

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