“Creativity!” The First Thing to Go After an 8 Hour Flight

Just sayin’…

So when I said that I *may* not be able to maintain my former pace of blogging, I was severely overestimating. My statement should have been I will not be maintaining my former pace of blogging…and it may take several days if not weeks for me to get my act together and blog about my most recent trip to London.

Let’s start – as any good story must (unless you’re speaking with my husband who, endearingly, starts all stories at any point he happens to be thinking about at the time) – at the beginning.

Did you know that it only takes 6.5 hours to get from Toronto to London? If anyone is keeping points, Canada just gained another! While my sister and I were pleasantly surprised by this, it severely cut into the amount of time available for sleeping on a …you know…overnight  flight.

Jet lagged we were but that was dispelled quickly enough upon our arrival at Heathrow and excitement for the upcoming week set in. Or it could have been sleep deprivation induced hysteria. One of those.

Paddington Station

After having a quick rest we were swept off to Farnborough to see what my parents had been working so hard on for the past two weeks: the Farnborough Airshow. Having grown up in a military family I had my fair share…perhaps more than the general public, I’ll admit – of air shows. While all of those former air shows were cool and awe inspiring, this one seemed to be for function as well as showing off.

Farnborough Air ShowDad's creation!

Just so I’m clear on the differences here: people were here to BUY airplanes. That’s like the difference between enjoying rollercoasters, and then one year going to a “special” theme park to purchase one. Because just staring at all the cool tricks planes can do from the ground just isn’t as fun.

Mimicking "Dog Fights"The new V-22

It was unreal to see the new A380 (in layman’s terms: the biggest aircraft EVER) to lift off for the purpose of showing off it’s incredible skills (so tempted to use a “z”…). If any of the pilots flying aircraft I was on attempted those tricks I would be sorely upset…and probably sick. And crying like a little girl.

A380 - Pretty impressive

But I digress.

The point is our first day in London was quite a show. Literally. We ended the night by hitting up a little pub “The Beehive” where first rounds of English beers were enjoyed and walking around our little section of London until Amy and I couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer (I think we made it to 10 PM – great success!).

And by "English" I mean 2 Czech Beers and 2 English Ales

We had ambitious plans for the next day which including checking into our rented flat for the week, seeing the Tower of London, The Eye and everything inbetween those two locations! I was extremely pumped to be my family’s tour guide and couldn’t wait to check out the spots I’d once visited!


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