Go Ahead And Jump

Ok, now my song-lyrics-as-post-titles has officially maxed out.

On CNN there is a wonderful little travel section of their website where you find little lists and articles about everything dealing with travel. Sometimes there is a great article that inspires you to plan a future trip, change reservations or be extra cautious. And, without fail, there is always a post with a more philosophical view on how and why people travel with special emphasis on how we share our travels with others.

That whole quest for being in the moment while away from home, finding ways to reconnect to the basic idea of a ‘vacation’ especially in this over connected world can be a challenge and I have found that it is one that is not unique. Most of the blogs I follow have at least two posts on this concept and even on here I’ve pondered the purpose behind taking tons of photographs and how it stacks up to the ‘real deal’.

This article from CNN did none of the above. I mean, I think it’s purpose was to facilitate all that deep, philosophical mumbo-jumbo stuff…but really I was mostly curious about the guy who takes photos all around the world doing hand stands.

Challenge. Accepted.

I have my own version of this. And in no way shape or form is this version unique, but I like to say that in the moment, it’s all mine.

The Jump Photo.

Jump for Joy in Australia

Everyone knows what this is, who can be counted on doing one and an almost Olympic style of ratings can enter the picture. Hm, 1 point for height, 2 points for creativity, 5 points for location.

Jump for Joy in Paris!

I am guilty as charged. But I LOVE the jump photo. You can’t not smile while jumping. It’s a way to personify the “yippee! I’m *insert whatever place it is you happen to be at*”

Jump for Joy in New Zealand

Clearly I have a lot of catching up to do to Mr. I Stand on My Hands, What do You Do? But this is one challenge I’ll happily accept! Taj Majal anyone?


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