Into the East

Except we’re traveling west…whatever.

Another round of travel is upon us! A new country! A new language! A new chance to experience time travel!*


From the days when my sister was (is) obsessed with Sailor Moon and all things Japanese to my ongoing love affair with sushi; Japan has been an eagerly anticipated destination for me. The fact that my hubs happens to share my desire to visit this fabled place (and has an uncanny knack for booking travel almost exclusively on points and frequent flyer miles) well, that’s just icing on the cake!

During my research for this trip I came across several blogs who attempt to answer a basic question: Why Japan? What is it about this place that is so alluring to so many Westerners?

Is it the fact that for centuries it was a closed nation? (Seriously, you’d be put to death if you left and attempted to return). Is it the fact that it’s the birthplace of sushi? Maybe it’s the imagery that springs to mind of mist covered trees, bamboo lined forest paths, torii gates and temples?

I’m eager to find out what speaks to me. Which brings me to another realization…

The ‘speaking’ will be a problem. As in I barely can pronounce the phrase that means “I don’t speak your language”. In a lot of ways this is exciting – I plan on pointing with my eyes closed to decide my meals. But in other ways…like finding a bathroom kind of ways…I may be forced to resort to some truly embarrassing charades.

All part of the fun! See you in the truly old country in T-24 hours.**

*You know that whole crossing the international date line, time travel, losing an entire day in less than 24-hours thing….

**See above.

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