What the hell is that anyway? The Denver weather channels are all touting the same message: a Spring Snowstorm!

With the exclamation point.

With excitement in their voices!


As I’m frantically texting everyone in my office to determine how much of a wimp I’m allowed to be re: driving in the snow, I’d thought I’d share my disbelief that snow even happens in April with the interwebs.


 That’s what danger looks like.

I’m just saying, the public school system is closed. In Denver. Doesn’t that mean something? If this weather isn’t safe for little people to be out and about it certainly isn’t safe for me.

And also, I’m really confused! Why ‘Spring Snow’? Can’t it be labeled “Freak snow in the supposed-to-be-Spring”? I think I like that better…

In other news: Adam and I leave for Japan in one week!

And in their neck of the woods it is apparently so unseasonably warm that the annual Cherry Blossom season is already over.

Double W. T. F.

Here’s to the Weather Gods! (Now, seriously, can I have some normal spring weather??)


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  1. I love the double wtf ( in all CAP’s to boot!)

    You could always move back to NC where it is eternally spring! But I think you all love the snow too much, wondering if you will be skiing this weekend? So excited for you all re: Japan—can’t wait to hear the tales and see the pics!

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