Stuck on Pause

Wow it’s been a while. I realize that I left the blog hanging with our Japan trip…did we simply STOP our Japanese adventure after noticing we were the only white people around? Did we have time for more sushi? How did we get back home?

…are we even home right now?

I realize the questions and suspense must be killing you. (right?)

Sadly my writing speed and ability to convey everything we experienced in a timely manner really lacks at times.

So, for now, we’re stuck on the pause button. Let’s just imagine that Adam and I are still in Japan, still enjoying the sites, still not having to worry about coming home yet…and still contemplating how to best describe all of our adventures and bring our most recent journey to a close.

Until then, we’ll just chill here, smiles plastered, waiting to see where the blog will take us next.


Don’t worry writer; the company is great, the weather is fine, and the scenery is beautiful.


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