Chasing Dreams

Bucket lists. Before-you-die lists. Must-do lists.

If it sounds like a chore, I probably won’t do it. That’s why I prefer “Chasing Dreams”.

Various times over the years I’ve had the opportunity to talk about my absolute musts in life. Things that, should I have a chance to do, would make my life that much more complete.

Often when I am approached with that question I sit for a minute and think. Really think about what in all the great wide world I would consider a top moment. Life defining. Nay – life changing.

And all I can ever come up with while being completely sincere is the chance to catch a tuna and take a bite out of it right out of the water.

I wouldn’t even kill it first.

Some people want to win the Nobel Prize…I want to kill a fish. With my teeth.

Before I get too lost in wondering if one of my top life moments is actually quite sad let me jump to the fun part of this story: I TOTALLY GOT A CHANCE TO CHASE MY DREAM.

(caveat: slight adjustments had to be made on the fly, but hey! Flexibility in life should be a virtue)

Let me set the scene: on our way back from Japan we made a pit-stop in Hawaii to re-visit my birthplace. One of our nights was spent enjoying a sunset cruise in the beautiful sea off the western coast of Oahu. This cruise may or may not have been a marketing ploy to sucker Adam and I into listening to a 90-minute time-share pitch…I’ll leave that up for speculation. *Ahem*


I realize that I’m lucky enough to be on said boat with my dream guy. In paradise.

And then my luck just explodes.

There’s bartender-happy first mates cheerfully making everyone sunset libations.


There’s slap-happy newlyweds who are entirely too thrilled to take a million photos of you and your not-so-newlywed-partner.


There’s even netting on the catamaran that doubles as a trampoline.



I then turn around and our boat’s safety officer – Udai – (he is from Japan and his name is pronounced “you-die”… safety officer…of course) is hauling in a tuna, diced it up at the bar counter and presto! Tuna that merely seconds ago was swimming serenely in the ocean was now making it’s way into my serene belly.

I didn’t even have time to take a picture of the moment one of my dreams – or at least some main aspects of it – came true!

Move over, Cinderella.

But, in all seriousness, go after that dream – why not? The opportunity may present itself and, camera or not, you gotta be ready to take that big bite and relish your top moment. No matter how undignified or fish-murder-y it may seem.


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