The Happiest

Did you know it is International Happiness Day today?

I’m not quite sure what that is either but, whatever, I’m going with it.

As I discovered, through various newsfeeds and news circuits, what today is supposed to celebrate I smiled a little. In this day and age maybe a day dedicated solely to happiness is what we all need. Then I noticed a travel post on CNN about the world’s happiest cities (See here for proof of what a sucker I am for rankings!) and I, well, really smiled.

See, in about 2 months Adam and I will be departing for THE most happy destination…followed by the 5th and 2nd most happy places. Who knew?!




So excited (and happy!) to be planning visits where people, apparently, are so thrilled to live.

Get Happy

Stay tuned and, what the heck, stay happy!


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  1. Loved your happy post and I am so happy you are going to the topped ranked happiest places very soon! Love and hugs to you, Adam, and Dori

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