“Down and to the Left”

The annual Rubin adventure has brought us somewhere new – the beautiful country of Scotland! Once again we are traveling with our kiddo in tow who continues to get more mobile and verbal (odd how that happens eh?) which makes our trips infinitely more entertaining and infinitely more exhausting. Z’s understanding of this trip has hinged upon two things: we’re going for his birthday and Scottish sheep (by which, of course, he means the highland cattle).

En route to Scotland!

Sure, kid, if your takeaway from our international ventures is that we went for your birthday so be it. Anything for the memories, right?

Another fun aspect of this trip is that our traveling brood of three will be becoming four sometime in October! That’s right – not only are we lugging our bags and an almost four-year-old, we’re also lugging a slightly crankier version of myself who’s playing host to a long-awaited for second baby. Obviously we are thrilled but let’s also pour one out for my soul that died a little as I realized just how horrid flying economy is on a long flight. I mean, it’s not like I LOVED it before, but there’s something way less tolerable about not being able to reach under your own seat without gasping for breath when you also can’t enjoy the complimentary wine.

Anything for the memories….isn’t that what I said?

That empty seat won’t be nearly as luxurious in 2020

So here we are – arrived safe, sound, and quite seriously jet lagged. We obediently leave our plane and make our way to customs after being thoroughly entertained by the gate agent’s lovely Scottish brogue which had me grinning like the total tourist-idiot I am. I have always been impressed by the customer service international airports provide to traveling families (ahem…USA…) and we weren’t surprised when a gentleman stopped us to give directions to customs.

“It’s just down and to the left”, he said helpfully.

“Oh ok, just down and to the left, thanks!”, we stupidly replied.

slight chuckle “No, down and left!”, he reiterated.

“Yes, yes, down there…and to the left?” (Had we pointed right accidentally?) we wondered.

knowing sigh “The LEFT…you know? For the pram?”.

“OH the LIFT! The elevator!” turns several shades of pink

“Yes yes I’ll take you through”.


It was an embarrassing start. For final translation it was actually: “You can just take the lift”. Like always, we blame the jet lag. And you can bet your buttons I stuck out my belly a bit more conspicuously because, you know, baby brain.

Anything for the memories! Now it’s time to make some!

Edinburgh Castle

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