Bamboo Forests and Monkey Parks

April 17, 2014

After our Miyajima excursion (almost a year ago…yeesh!) we headed back to our base in Kyoto and decided to hop a train to head to the fabled Bamboo Forest of Arashiyama. One of Adam’s favorite photographers captured some beautiful scenes here and Adam was eager to try his own hand at capturing the beauty of […]

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Crazy Cat Lady

April 12, 2014

Everyone has their own private version of hell on earth, right? Well, I’m sure that for some I made that hell on earth a reality late Sunday night on US Air flight 499. You see, I happened to be traveling with a grown cat. On a plane. …and the cat was not happy. I’ve made […]

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Far From Home

April 2, 2014

My heart has been heavy these last couple of weeks. A friend is remembering the loss of her father. Another friend is coming to grips with the unexpected loss of a parent. It seems that loss is everywhere. As it always seems to happen I find connection through reading and came across a beautiful post […]

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A Tale of Tattoos and Hot Tubs

March 28, 2014

During our *ahem* recent stay in Japan we got the chance to experience something rather exotic – take a dip in a Japanese Bath, or Onsen. A year ago is still considered recent, right? I digress… Japan, much like the rest of the ancient world, at some point used public baths as a way to […]

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The Happiest

March 21, 2014

Did you know it is International Happiness Day today? I’m not quite sure what that is either but, whatever, I’m going with it. As I discovered, through various newsfeeds and news circuits, what today is supposed to celebrate I smiled a little. In this day and age maybe a day dedicated solely to happiness is […]

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Are We Supposed to Eat That?

November 20, 2013

I know I’ve regaled you with tales of my delicious adventures with sushi in Japan and Hawaii. It is, I will argue until I die, one of the best dishes around. This will not be that sort of tale. Part of our stay at the Hotel Makoto in Miyajima was to include two traditional Japanese […]

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Sacred Deer of Miyajima

November 12, 2013

To avoid an overly long day of travel after our visit to Hiroshima we decided to stay the night on the small island of Miyajima at a true public house – the only affordable lodging on this tiny island. Miyajima is famously known for it’s world heritage Floating Torii – a wooden gate that stands […]

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Hiroshima Peace Museum

November 5, 2013

In light of my new self-challenge to let go of my need for perfectionism in writing I decided to tackle a post that has been dodging me since I first contemplated how to put it into words. Adam and I visited the city of Hiroshima while in Japan with our main goals being to see […]

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